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Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

If you live in a rented house, you might think that you don’t need renters insurance. The owner of the building has insurance for his building which does not cover the tenants’ belongings. To protect what is within your space with renters insurance is important. At Texarkana Insurance Agency in Arkansas, we are a reputable independent insurance agency who offer renters insurance. Our modern tools of management and administration allow us to serve our clients efficiently. Our renter's insurance has the following basic coverages.

Personal belongings coverage

This coverage will pay for the cost of replacing your belongings if they are stolen or damaged.

If you own valuables like art, collectibles, or any other, you should make sure they are included in the coverage.

Protect your car

Your standard car insurance does not protect the property in your car. Your car can be broken into and your property damaged or stolen. When purchasing your renter's insurance, it’s wise to consider protecting your car.

Liability coverage

No matter how careful one is, accidents are bound to happen. A guest can get injured or have their property damaged while at your rented place. This coverage pays for medical bills and property damaged if a visitor is injured or their property damaged when at your place.

Additional living expenses

Your rented house or apartment can be damaged to a point of being inhabitable. At such a time, you and your family will need a place to stay temporarily. This coverage pays for the hotel expenses for you and your family as the repairs are done.

Renters' insurance policy can have many other coverages. If you live in a rented house you can call or visit us at Texarkana Insurance Agency in Arkansas. Apart from being highly experienced and knowledgeable, our agents have excellent customer care handling skills. They will help you get a renters insurance policy that fits your lifestyle.

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